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We are proud to say that FIRSTiCARE, Inc. is certified as an HCBS Provider by the State of Ohio.

smiling peopleThe HC-Based Service Waivers administered by FIRSTiCARE, Inc. offers a variety of supportive services to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to live in their own homes comfortably. The services that we provide are based on individual need.

Our Values

  • Contribute. To provide quality, coordinated services, support, and care.
  • Assess. To monitor needs and provide trained, capable, and qualified providers and staff.
  • Respect. To acknowledge each person and treat him or her with honor and value, as well as to promote dignity and self-worth.
  • Encouragement. To create personal-based services, support, and delivery.

No Discrimination

FIRSTiCARE, Inc. has a strict No Discrimination Policy. This means that we serve clients who are diagnosed with a need and/or disability regardless of race, religion, social status, gender, physical, and/or mental challenges.

FIRSTiCARE, Inc. believes all people with developmental disabilities have the right to live life to its fullest in our community. 24 hours a day, we care for and support children, adults with special needs in numerous Counties in Ohio State. Through personalized programs focused on skill-building, we make a difference in the quality of our residents’ lives, enabling them to reach their true potential.

  • Excellent Care. We invest in training and development, and embrace a quality improvement process.
  • Dignity. We respect and trust our employees, residents, and families. We are a kind and caring community.