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FIRSTiCARE continuously strives to provide all of the care that you need.
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We are dedicated to supporting our clients:

To exercise their freedom to make decisions.
Even though our clients have health challenges or disabilities, we still believe that they can live a quality life in spite of their condition. We inspire them to believe in their untapped capabilities. We encourage them to live a life of their choice.

To give them quality support.
Oftentimes, it is the lack of support from the community that hinders us from reaching our fullest potential. However, at FIRSTiCARE, we offer our all-out support to clients and their family members in any way we can. We support our clients in their journey to becoming the person they are destined to be despite the many adversities posed by community settings.

To provide them with safety supervision and care services in their own environment.

We consider all aspects of the client’s daily life and health circumstances to ensure that proper safety supervision is provided. We want them to feel safe in their own living environment. As they gain confidence with their independence to live a self-sufficient life at home, they may also find the strength to pursue gainful employment and community involvement.